The Resilient Educator

Pandemic Principal Pages Vol. 1 Issue 2

I composed this tweet today about reopening schools and thought that I should capture it here! Y’all. Planning for #reopeningschools-getting parents to respond to preference survey, safety protocols, class groupings, furniture, procedures, schedules, managing teacher & parent Qs & anxiety, communication abt every move being made, is hard. Why didn’t y’all tell me?? All this […]

Grace for Change

It started with a slow climb that was scenic and made me feel secure, like things were moving in the right direction –upwards. When it got to that summit and hovered there for a few moments, that’s when I felt it teeter as it prepared for its steep swoop downward and into that sideways twist. […]

On Black Womanness in Predominately White School Settings

I tried to downplay my existence as a Black woman amongst a faculty of predominantly white educators, but it was hard. My chocolate brown skin and my various hairstyles are a dead give away. I tried to downplay my educational achievements, but I couldn’t. My intellectual acuity and the degrees on my wall are a […]

Pandemic Principal Pages Vol. 1 Issue 1 – Relationships

On October 1, I celebrated being a principal for 90 days! Someone said to me “Are you counting down the days?” No, I’m counting up the days! Every day it’s something new. It’s a cliche but it is true. Every day I have been presented with something new to consider, a new problem to solve, […]