Here I go…

Being an educator is a significant part of my identity that I cannot hide, dismiss or downplay, not matter how hard I have tried when I am not in a school. I’ve been told that I need to take off my educator hat when I’m not at work. I have tried and I’m a little better at it but these days, I have come to accept that this part of my identity is just going to have to be one that you either accept or not. I have been going back and forth about whether or not to blog publicly for many years. I have started personal blogs and never published them. I have started personal blogs and not continued with them because I didn’t think anyone was reading it. Well, unfortunately those concerns are still with me. But, I’ve decided that since blogging is totally up to me, since I believe that everything happens in its time and for a reason, what I write about, how often I write it, how much I write, or who reads it, I’m going to do it in spite of the thoughts that creep in, attempting to sway me yet another day from writing.

I don’t want to lock myself into writing down what this blog is going to be specifically for and about, as WordPress suggests. Knowing me, it is likely that the blog will grow and change over time. If you, the reader, are someone who believes in growing and changing over time, then I assume you’ll be ok with rolling with me on this. To continue to limit myself is what has taken me so long to start and there’s a point when I need to stop since it’s not serving me well. When something keeps tugging at your heart, ringing in your ear, nudging you, that is your inner woman. I have to start listening to her since she apparently knows more than I do.

While I intend to make this blog focused on my journeys in education, I can’t promise that I will stick to just that. One goal I have for myself with this particular set of writings is to tie everything in somehow to resilience and gratitude. I have come to realize that operating from a place of gratitude seems to make the most unbearable situations just a little bit easier. Can’t we all use a little bit more ease in our lives? That gratitude stance then enhances our ability to be resilient. We definitely need that.

I hope that this blog will reach the people who need to read it in that moment. My audience will be whoever decides to spend those few minutes of their life reading, pondering, considering an idea or a perspective that might help them take them next step. I hope to be a light in this world that reflects, inspires, encourages, serves, advocates, models what is possible. Join me.

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