The 4 Rs of Resilience

It seems to me that the global pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice have launched us into a heightened awareness of a self-care. Particularly in the world of education, there has been much talk about the importance of taking care of our inner and outer selves because, if we allow the weight of these societal […]

Choose Your Energy

If you have lived any length of time, you have had something happen to you that you did not cause, did not want, or did not anticipate. If you have lived any length of time you have enjoyed many successes, happiness, and joy due to your actions and efforts or as a result of those […]

A Letter to my Pandemic Principal Friends

Dear Pandemic Principal,  Yes! I’m talking to you, first year principal who ran a school online for months. You, the fifth year principal who felt like a first year principal. You, the mid-career principal who considered changing careers for the first time ever during this school year. You, the 20 year veteran principal who decided […]

Pandemic Principal Pages Vol. 1 Issue 2

I composed this tweet today about reopening schools and thought that I should capture it here! Y’all. Planning for #reopeningschools-getting parents to respond to preference survey, safety protocols, class groupings, furniture, procedures, schedules, managing teacher & parent Qs & anxiety, communication abt every move being made, is hard. Why didn’t y’all tell me?? All this […]

Grace for Change

It started with a slow climb that was scenic and made me feel secure, like things were moving in the right direction –upwards. When it got to that summit and hovered there for a few moments, that’s when I felt it teeter as it prepared for its steep swoop downward and into that sideways twist. […]