The Great Wait

In 1996, I started my career in education as a graduate student with the express dream of becoming a principal someday. 24 years later I am starting my journey as an elementary school principal. Not only am I incredibly excited, I am grateful. I am grateful for

*every breath

*every experience that tried to take me out

*every student who made me better and love them harder

*every colleague I’ve worked with

*every principal who took a chance on me

*every leader who poured into me and took from me

*every piece of negative, critical “feedback” that made me question if this was the right career for me

*every time I was ignored, dismissed, overlooked, misrepresented, misunderstood, labeled and blamed

*every interaction that I knew was about my race or gender or both, from comments about my hair to putting an idea on the table that was ignored, then restated by another individual and praised

*every time I cried about how other colleagues were getting principal positions but I was not

*every moment when perfectionism tried to run roughshod over me, making me wonder what was wrong with me when a mistake I made was magnified

*every risk I took to do what was best for students

*every parent who thanked me and those who cursed me out

*every word I spoke and wish I had spoken

*every education professional I’ve connected with, in person or virtually, who has encouraged me to not give up and highlighted my strengths

*every friend and family member who stood by when the tears fell and they didn’t understand

*every prayer spoken and unspoken

*every ounce of grace, mercy, & forgiveness I’ve received

*every hug and cheer from two of the best children in the world I know it is just the beginning.

I know that most if not all of these things will be a part of my days & years to come. Everything happens for a reason exactly when it’s supposed to. We are often not going to know why. I am grateful for every step and misstep that brought me here. I know that I’m ready.


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